Two Simple Ways to Drop

  1. Printed Slips: This is the easiest method, available after sign-up via our website chat. We email you printable slips that you place in each of your own bags.
  2. Hand-written Slips: You simply hand-write your name and email address on a piece of paper, and place one in each of your own bags.

Option 1: Printed Slips

  1. Print the emailed slip we send to you (request via our website Chat).
  2. Place a slip inside each bag of clothes (use your own bags), before sealing them up tight (use a tight knot, tape, ties, etc,). We cannot pay you if your clothes become loose in the bin.
  3. Drop them into one of our bins. No need to Chat with us.

You're DONE! We typically pay within 48 hours via PayPal or Venmo.

Option 2: Handwritten Slips

If you don't have printed drop slips, you will need to make handwritten ones to place in your bag(s). Please follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Access our website and choose the 'Chat' option. Follow the prompts to 'Sign Up'.

Step 2: Place handwritten slips in each bag, and seal them up tight.

Write your name and email clearly on a sizable piece of paper, so we can more easily find it.

You can use any bag you have, just make sure it holds your clothes well and is free from tears.

Be sure to securely seal your bags up tight using a tight knot, tape, etc,. If your clothes become loose in the bin, we cannot pay you.

Step 3: Drop your clothes in the bin.

Make sure your bag drops into the bin and is not stuck in the chute.